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Absolutely awesome product! Best thing I have ever purchased for my camera!!!

Matt R.

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These are fantastic!
Don't order one, get two or three.

I have four, they hold the camera or a flash or a reflector.

They can be used for lots of things.

Great for hanging that slave flash. Gang two together with a coupling nut and they're great for holding that foam core in just the right place.

Get a least one with the radiused clamp for holding on to a tube.

If you only get one you will want more.

Mr. Bill

. . . . . . . . . . .

Pod holds up great to heavy gear!

Dave M.

. . . . . . . . . . .

The ClamperPod is a very handy device and met every promise you made. I didn't realize how much easier it could be until I added on the Ball Head.

So far I have been able to try it out with two different cameras, one with a center mount tripod fitting and the other with an offset tripod fitting. Both are very secure and stable when sufficiently tightened down. I even found myself using the dual attachments as a handle for the camera when not clamped to something.

The Ball Head is a wonderful addition to the ClamperPod and I would strongly recommend both devices, especially when used together.

Ron C.

. . . . . . . . . . .

This is a "James Bond" gadget, wow!

Mr. Mario

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ClamperPod Camera Tripod

ClamperPod Camera Tripod in Case Now you can carry a camera tripod with you all the time without lugging cumbersome gear around. Made of heavy-duty die cast aluminum alloy, the ClamperPod mini tripod is strong enough to hold even the heaviest cameras, but weighs only 2 ounces.

Not much bigger than a business card, it fits into pocket, purse, camera bag, backpack or briefcase with room to spare. Attaches to any still or video camera with a standard 1/4x20 tripod socket.

ClamperPod Camera Tripod In Use
And if you're a professional photographer, or just have lots of gear... slave flash, strobe, diffuser and reflector, or any other accessory that has a tripod socket, a few of these are a lot easier to handle than a bunch of tripods and light stands.

The Original ClamperPod is a solid tool built to last
ClamperPod Camera Tripod Detail

Each Original ClamperPod is $16.95

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ClamperPod2 Camera Tripod

Same features as the Original ClamperPod but with a circular grip to clamp to tubular objects.

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